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Searching for a new habitat.

House hunting is ridiculous.

Erik and I have finally started the search; we've been pre-approved for our loan, found a realtor who we both like, narrowed down what we're looking for in a house. So far, we've been into it for about a month, and have only seen three houses.

The number one problem we seem to be running into is that in our price range, it's either a really nice house in a not great neighborhood1, or a not so great house in a fantastic neighborhood2. The worst is knowing the amount of competition out there for this same price range. Realtors don't even bother putting up the sale signs in the yard, they know they will be snapped up within the week. The not-so-great house we saw was a short-sale that was probably going to go $20,000 above it's asking price easy, without cleaning or fixing.

It feels like Erik and I are at a distinct disadvantage. Neither of us work jobs where we can take off in the middle of the week to see a house that just popped up on the market. For me, I work on the other side of town from where we're looking to buy3 and it would take too much time for me to go. Erik would be the logical choice, especially since the house is his baby and he'll be “pulling the trigger” on putting in the offer, but he has less flexibility than I do, and will get demerit points for taking off early.

I know we need to be patient, but I am so impatient to be moving. I've already started collecting boxes from work, and I really don't have the energy to keep up the apartment anymore. There's no space. I have a stack of stuff that lives by the front door because there is no where else for them to go. It's frustrating to start cleaning only to be derailed mid-stride because it always ends up a bigger chore than expected.

In an ideal world, we'll love the houses we're scheduled to see this weekend, put in an offer on one, and have it be accepted.

Cross my fingers. Cross my toes. I am so ready to go.

  1. Example 1: The house that was so obviously a “grandma house” that had been lovingly taken care of since it's purchase in the Sixties. The neighborhood, however, was definitely on the downswing. 

  2. Example 2: House that they didn't even bother to clean before showing in an fantastic neighborhood across the street from a park. Lots of problems from the roof on down. 

  3. The first in many concessions I'll make in our marriage because commuting bothers me far less than it bothers him.