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Why do they not play the same?

Temple Run 2 and Brave side by side.

Temple Run 2 and Brave side by side.

I love playing games on my iPhone and iPad. Games were the first apps I downloaded on both devices. And the type of game I am drawn to more than any other (meaning if it’s free I will try it) is the “see how far you can go” game1.

Temple Run has been the runaway hit of this genre. It’s an okay game. It probably didn’t start the genre, but it did definitely put it in front of millions of people. And it’s a great story about how Imangi Studios made it big, starting as it did as a husband and wife team.

After Temple Run made it big, Imangi was approached by Disney to make almost the exact same game, rebranded for the movie Brave.

So here’s my beef: Brave is a much better game. I don’t know if it’s because Disney put so much money down or what, but game plays so much better for me than Temple Run or Temple Run 2. The coins are easier to get, swipes are much more responsive for turning and jumping, and it’s just all around a more enjoyable experience.

I had high hopes for Temple Run 2. I was hoping the touch-responsiveness would be better. I was intrigued by the curves. I had expected that running around a curve would require actually using screen tilt. Instead, game play is the same, I have issues with the responsiveness, and it frustrates me how hard it is to get a fair amount of coins. (I have this issue with Jetpack Joyride as well.) I like coins. Make stuff more expensive in the store if you must, but I shouldn’t feel like it’s going to take 100+ runs to gather enough coins to upgrade something.

Temple Run 2 lasted all of two days on my iPad. And I got myself hooked back into Brave when I was trying to compare gameplay and figure out why one worked better for me than the other.

  1. Is there a specific genre title for this? I have no idea what you would call it.