Version 1.0

Version 1 screenshot

Unsympathetic, version 1.0.

I realize that nearly no one cares about what went into making this site possible. But, still, thanks are needed because, well, I had a ton of help from people who don’t know me, don’t know they helped me, and don’t know that this site exists.It’s the same as all the influences on my life. Chuck Palahniuk doesn’t know I exist. Neither do the members of Fall Out Boy. Or Everclear (even though Art Alexis did waive to us, and ask K and me why we weren’t in the front row. But never mind). So, in essence, this is really just a thank you page; a hat tip to those who’ve helped. And if you want to do what I’ve done, this is really how I did it. You know, just in case you wanted to know.

This is version one of the site. The theme I went live with in February of 2006, when I opened up for business, abandoning a previous domain. I didn’t spend too much time on it, as I was in the middle of the semester, and buried under classwork. I liked this theme. I still do. I just wanted a change for the new school year, so I retired this on July 20, 2006, in favor of the new redesign.

But, we don’t want to forget where it all started, so here we are. First and foremost, this site is published using WordPress. I realize that I can’t talk about this enough. After a couple years using Blogger, and a failed attempt at installing Movable Type, I found WP, and haven’t looked back. WP is open source, free to use, easy to install, and has a super friendly group of dedicated people who are willing to help anyone who needs it. Their Codex is easy to use, and the support forums are a great place to find help if something’s gone wrong. Odds are in your favor to find a solution to your problem, because someone else probably had it first.

On top of WordPress, I’m running the K2 theme by Michael Heilemann and Chris J. Davis. The theme is the brainchild of Heilemann, and has been in development since WP 1.5 was released. Here we are at WP 2.0.1, and still K2 is in beta, not guaranteed to be bug-less. But still, the support forum for K2 is filled with advice, and bug fixes. Along with K2, I am using a modified MIna scheme from Dan. By modified, I mean that I fiddled with it until I was happy. All of the fruity header images you see, in addition to where ever I may be using an image of a blackberry can be found over at stock.xchng, taken by the user lemon_drop. I used some great tutorials written by Paul Stamatiou, which helped me figure out the rotating banner, the comment form, and numerous other things. The link page needs a shoutout to Kristin Pishdadi, for her awesome tutorial. And the sidebar wouldn’t be possible without a hack by the amazing Ben Sherratt. If there is anything I haven’t explained, or something you want to ask me about, go ahead and ask.