Version Josh.0

Unsympathetic, version Josh-point-oh.

Unsympathetic, version Josh-point-oh.

This site is is produced by ninjas and pirates.

The ninja is Josh Anastasia, better known as Awesome Josh. He’s my host, my designer, and my programmer. He created this WordPress theme for me from scratch with a bit of inspiration from the internet at large. My instructions were a white, one column theme with a collapsable side column. After all, I can see the necessity of a side column, even if I don’t like to see one.

So, hosted by Josh, built on WordPress, written by me.

This is the second version of this site, launched 29 February 2008 for my fourth blogiversary, the third theme, the first that I haven’t wrestled with the code at all.

Is there anything else you want to know? Go ahead and ask. I can’t think of anything important enough that I’m forgetting it, though.

Oh. The pirates? WordPress. I always imagine their programers to be wearing eye-patches while they work.