Version 3.0

Unsympathetic, version 3.14.

Unsympathetic, version 3.14.

This version of Unsympathetic is brought to you by a very vicious ninja who steals all of my ideas. Unfortunately.

I am running a modified theme created by JuicyRoo. I really liked it when I ran across it, and decided it was the one for me. For some reason though, it didn’t run like it does on the preview site, so I’ve been tinkering a bit.

Besides. I need to tinker. It’s pretty much the only thing I know how to do these days. Nothing else is really going on.

This is version 3.0, going on three years a this here domain name. My blogging style has changed over time, but the content hasn’t: it’s all me, all the time.

And don’t go telling me to get over myself. I’ve been over it since I was 14. It’s still the only thing I know how to write, though.