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I actually beat a Zelda game in under a year.

I beat Zelda: A Link Between Worlds this weekend on my 3ds1. While I have played many Zelda games on my many Game Boys, it’s the first Zelda game that I have ever beat that I can remember, and without having to go back to it ages later.

I played for just about 24 hours total. Starting from Christmas, I played it exclusively. I dumped Mario and Luigi: Dream Team2 to play it, since I hadn’t beat it yet. My mother-in-law got me Mario Cart 73 for Christmas, and I played that until I opened Zelda.

Zelda kept me so enthralled that even when I got stuck, I didn’t pop in a different game. I’ve gotten three more games since Christmas, and I didn’t even want to try any of them until I was done with Zelda.

My thoughts on this Zelda game:

  1. It was the perfect difficulty for me. I usually didn’t have to fight a boss more than twice, and the puzzles were just enough to keep me entertained but not so hard that I couldn’t figure it out.
  2. Ravio is a weird dude, and a weird part of the storyline. You find out who he is at the end of the game but it doesn't even matter, really.
  3. It’s interesting how you can essentially get all of the items at once (via renting), but there are items that you pretty much do not need (the boomerang).
  4. There are more than 3 bottles. It’s the first time there are more than 3 bottles, and I didn’t realize there were more until I looked something up in a walk-through.
  5. I was so close to having all hearts when I defeated the game. The closest I’ve ever been. Less than eight heart pieces to get, and at least 4 of them are from mini games.
  6. I still hate mini games.

There was really only two things I needed to look up in a walk-through. One: I did not realize that I could pick up and throw bombs after putting one out. Since in past games, you threw OR set down, and all I could do was set down, I thought that was it. Two: I was at a loss of how to get baby maimais off of the top of things. I literally looked up how to do it moments after I, seemingly unrelated, got the speed boots4.

I will probably go back and finish getting my last two hearts, because I like a completely completed game, and I'm looking forward to fighting other people with spotpass.

I’ve heard that I should head to McDonalds more often for lunch as they are “Nintendo Hotspots” and will actually get you the last 6 people who were there, not just who is actively there. Of course, then I have to hope they have Zelda too. But Zelda is so good on the 3ds, why wouldn’t you want to play it?

Also, I am now playing Paper Mario Sticker Star and I’m loving it already.

  1. My 4th Game Boy overall: previous versions include Color, Advanced, and a DS. (My sister had the original Game Boy; I was lucky that she shared it with me when she grew bored of it. I’m the only one of my siblings that was/is into handhelds.)  

  2. Pretty good, will probably finish it soonish. Lots of collecting. 

  3. Great for sharing; hoping I can play with some friends, but I actually don’t have friends with 3ds’s, they’re all on previous versions still. 

  4. Which also took me too long to figure out, since the wall-walking thing didn’t occur to me until way later. 

Because… Aliens

I have been watching a lot of Ancient Aliens on H21 mostly because I only watch about five channels and Ancient Aliens is nearly always on and I can watch that on repeat over and over and laugh about how ALIENS are the answer to everything.

Because... Aliens Meme

And as I watch2 my limited TV, I realise how old I am. I am so entrenched in my thought processes and opinions and so hard to sway me these days.

I mean, in no way do I believe it's possible that Aliens came and influenced ancient people. After all, why would aliens come and visit and give us the ancients their gods and massive buildings. Unless God came and beat up all the other aliens and told them all to go away and he is benevoliently protecting us from the universe while watching us and typing “SMH at all those people down there and their ridiculousness” on the alien version of Twitter.

But I can't stop watching/listening. For one, dude's hair does get bigger per season. Second, he does the hand thing every episode. Third, it's just plain ridiculous. I mean, tonight's episode is how the Norse gods were really aliens. And last week, I watched an episode where the Greek gods were aliens, and another on how Egyptian gods were aliens and how it's likely that King Tut's father was half human-half alien.

Just stop and think about that.

According to Ancient Aliens, literally every single god belief system evolved because of aliens.

Aliens who no longer choose to visit us, but 4000 thousand years ago stoped over all the time, like nosey neighbors poking their head over the fence.

Now, I'm not saying there are no aliens, but to think that they used to come by but no longer do is just completely bonkers.

But now I'm hooked and can't stop watching/listening to the show, because I can't wait for whatever crackpot theory they're using to tie aliens to history's biggest mysteries.

Can we please, though, solve the mystery of why the History channel and it's offspring shows more reality TV than history? Because I really miss what the history channel was, even that really long section when it was all Civil War all the time, and then it was Nazis-R-Us.

There used to be some really awesome History shows, and now I only get to see repeats on Netflix.

  1. Not really sure why their tag line is “More 2 History” when they show exactly the same amount of real history as the History channel, which is to say not much. 

  2. More accurately, listen passively while actively consuming other content elsewhere. 

A thank you to the plates I’ve never seen.

I have an annoucement:

I have finally, and completely, finished the wedding thank you notes.1

They were all hand written, lovingly thought about, and oh-so-mindnumingly-boring. They have been taking up valuable real estate on my desk, and making me feel guilty every time I sit down to eat lunch in front of my computer.

I’m of course some kind of weirdo, because if you came to our wedding, whether or not you brought a gift or a card, you got a thank you note. I feel like it’s the least I could do, as so many people came from so far away to celebrate us. Their presence was our present2.

It’s kinda good that I was so late, as just this last week I received a late present from a friend who likes to send stuff afterwards to keep the celebration going. And that’s when we realized that we forgot to change the address on our gift registry, and since we had told family that it’s still kind of our Christmas wish list as well, it made sense to go and change it to our current address.

So there I was, perusing the Crate and Barrel registry list, looking over and reminiscing over what people got us3 when I see a wild present on the list.

Someone bought us the super awesome sandwich plates. That are shaped like bread slices.

Just one problem, though. We’ve never seen them.

According to the registry, they were purchased the day before the wedding by someone who went to the store, presumably, because their name was not listed next to the gift.

I hope that whoever bought them had a change of heart and thought that they were too good to give away, because the alternative is unthinkable–we lost a wedding present that we never even saw.

So, thank you mystery guest who purchased the sandwich plates that I had dreamed of making pb&j on when I come home in the middle of the day to eat lunch. I sincerely hope that your sandwiches are enjoying their resting place, and that the plates didn’t suffer a worse fate.

  1. Only 57 days since the wedding. Pretty decent since my coworker told me he hasn’t started on his and he got married two weeks after us. And also, I must talk to his wife about how she got him to agree to do his side, as I got to write all of ours because Erik would still haven’t have written once. He hasn’t even emailed his uncle from before the wedding. 

  2. I realize that was super sappy, but we had people from Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Alabamba, and New Jersey come to the wedding, never mind spanning the length and breadth of California. 

  3. We were really good… I think we only looked at the registry once before the wedding, and that was to take off stuff that people had gotten us from another store so that we didn’t get duplicates. 

And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care.


It’s obviously that time of year again.

It’s time to break out all of the Christmas decorations. Time for your living room to be dressed to the nines for no other reason than because it makes you happy. The time of year that you forget in a month you’ll have to undo all of your work and you’ll complain that your house is so boring.

It’s our first Christmas in this house, which means I get to spend random amounts of time and energy1 figuring out how to decorate this place in a way that makes me happy.

The fireplace is a good place to start, and is where the majority of the Christmas focus is.

This is the first time our stockings have ever been hung up “by a chimney with care.” And can I tell you, I want to force everyone to look at those damn stockings.

I made them, all by my self. I made the pattern, I knitted one up, I wrote down what I did and then knit a second matching one.

That alone would qualify as a Christmas miracle in my house.

But three years later, I’m still super stoked with them. I took my time with them, I blocked them out to look amazing, and it’s probably the highest quality knitting work I’ve got to display to other people and impress them with my skills.

The initials are a new addition this year. I was at a complete loss, after I finished the knitting, to figure out how to mark who’s is whos. I thought about embroidering our name. I thought about doing tags that hang from the back.

And then I saw the initial pins at Target, and I thought perfect. I wasn’t sure if the color was going to match the creamy white at the top, but my thought process was that half of the work was done. If they didn’t match well, I had enough yarn to re-wrap them to match.

But it looks amazing off the shelf, and now the stockings are marked so that Santa will put gameboy games in mine, and golf balls in his.

Tomorrow we bring the tree in the house so that Santa can put more gameboy games under it2

  1. Can I tell you how long I thought about that damn garland? I knew I wanted light up, and I looked everywhere for something that fit my imagination. I ended up buying a plain light up garland from Michaels, and then wrapping it with 3 strands of secondary garland (I have no idea what you would call it… it was the pinecones and fake berries and bundles of sticks on twine). It looks fantastic and cost me a little less than I was willing to spend on an already tricked-out light up garland. I think all together it was probably $25-30, depending on how much the light-up garland was on sale for. And now I get to tell people I made it myself too. 

  2. I may have gotten a Gameboy 3DS XL recently as a present for getting a raise, and also so I could tell people to buy me stuff for it. I am addicted. It’s awesome. 

A wandering mind doesn’t get very far.

As is usual, I’ve been¬†thinking about the things I love to do, instead of, you know,¬†actually doing them.

It’s ridiculous, really. I’ve been thinking of fiction writing, coming up with characters and what not, but not actually ever writing anything down. I’ve been thinking of poetry, which I usually do after seeing Geoff Baker perform live, even though I know all his songs and have heard them so many times. I’ve been dreaming of knitting projects, even though I’ve got 3 or 4 going, of which I would like to finish but I work on in circles–currently is the baby blanket for a future niece.

I don’t know why I am so lethargic in getting anything actually done. I’m nearly done with the thank-yous from the wedding, but I can’t seem to sit my butt down and get the last of them done, which means the rest sit on my desk, ready but not ready to go out.

I did order our Christmas cards, and having got our wedding photos back (OMG I LOVE THEM OUR PHOTOGRAPHER ROCKS) I even managed to get prints for the frames we received as gifts, and prints for gifts for the family1. My sister and I are having fun trying to decided what to get my mom, and realized that she never got a print of K’s wedding photos, so we’re doing the side-by-side frame with a picture of each of us. I suppose if my brother ever does get married, we’ll have to find a triptych frame.

My mind does wander lately; I wonder if it’s because even though I was a laid back wedding planner, I am all done with that and thus the “big empty void” that other women have written about after their wedding was done, but honestly I can only say I was relieved to be done. None of it was really stressful, just the week before was ridiculously busy, and as a procrastinator, I’m pretty proud of what we were able to pull off.

Honestly, I think it’s the change in season. Winter is my favorite–because I love to curl up on the couch under a blanket and not do anything at all, and hey, that’s exactly what I’m doing!

I think I might have to ask Erik to borrow his laptop more often to force myself to write while on the couch, or get a better lap desk so I can use my bluetooth keyboard with my iPad.

  1. Aside: I honestly think giving photos of ourselves is the lamest present ever, but jesus does my family love it. So, I give photos when I know they want one, and never make it the only present. 

It’s been one month…

Can we skip over the part where I make lame excuses about what has kept me away from the blog for so long? Can we all just agree that it’s lame that I can disappear like that for months or years on end and have the gall to believe that there is anyone still around to read this tripe?

Moving on…

The Bakers in Maui.

I’ve been married for a month now.

A month! A whole month! That felt exactly like the last five years!


Maybe it was because we were together for so long, but honestly, married life is exactly like single life. Except with slightly more chores for me. I mean, I’m still trying to find a home for everything and write the thank you notes to all and sundry who came out for the wedding.

The best part so far about getting married would have to be the honeymoon. Because I really needed a vacation.

We went to Maui and had a blast. I’d promise a post about it, but that might be an empty promise, and well, I’m trying really hard to get past those and then feeling guilty.

All this to say, I am no longer a Hightower, but a Baker through and through.

I think I’ll go make cookies.

–”One Week” Barenaked Ladies (Also, maybe I’ll go back to song lyrics for titles. I kinda miss that.

Friday in an instant.

Super happy with the engagement pictures Erik and I took last weekend, and with the photographer. She's already got the edited photos for me, and triple the amount of photos we had discussed originally.

I am feeling like I'm getting stuff crossed off the wedding to-do list, and am looking forward to getting the save-the-dates designed this weekend. And my sister and I have narrowed down the bridesmaid dresses to two options, and the girls can cast their vote and pick amongst themselves.

Now to try to relax this weekend, because this work-week was super stressful.

Random thoughts.

As is usual for the sad sack that is me, I've been putting off writing. I've even been putting off reading. I've been putting off pretty much everything but living inside my own head and watching a never ending stream of Good Eats on youtube. Which makes me really hungry.

Since I love lists, and I love randomness, here's some random thoughts in list form:

  • I am really bitter about Google sunsetting Google Reader. I might write a whole blog post about it, I might not. But at the moment, it sucks major. I'm not looking foward to audtioning replacements when I had that one figured out already.
  • I read a post today over at Apartment Therapy about buying a keyboard specifically to teach you touch typing (so the keys were blank). It makes me sad that there are people who can't touch type1, and who use only two fingers or what have you on both hands. I am not the greatest typist. I still suck with the numbers and punctuation on the numbers row. But I am typing this whole thing looking at the screen, not my hands. And at one time I was a two-finger typist. Then I wanted my typing speed to match my thoughts. Now I have opinions on what my keyboard needs and should be like.
  • My nephew turned one over the weekend, and I managed to get his birthday present off before the big day. Not off on time for him to get it on the big day, but early enough for me to be able to say I was done before his birthday. Also, Gerard the Giraffe is officially the same size as him. They're like brothers and can share clothes.
  • My cousin's boss is now a realtor, and she's being really persistant in having us switch realtors for the house hunt. I'm really sorry, but Erik is in charge with the house hunt, it's totally up to him. Stop texting me about it and trying to make me feel bad.
  • My co-worker and I have a “bet” to see who can lose 5lbs in a week. Thank god we're both going to fail. But one day, we will actually go bike riding. My bike is actually chillin' in his office waiting for him to bring his bike in, since he's the one who has the bike rack and wants to go riding.
  • Aside: I really wish there was such a thing as car accessory rentals. I'd love to be able to rent a bike rack for Erik's car so we could take our bikes with us when we go camping at the end of the month.
  • My wedding dress is ready for pickup. OMG, it's real I'm getting married. I hope I love the dress as much now as I did three months ago when I picked it out.
  • Also: now I need to get serious about getting healthy and dropping the pounds.
  • Personal, bordering on TMI: I'm going back on birth control after three years off. I have an IUD, and I love it thank-you-very-much2, but mine is the non-horomone one, and I'd really like to manage that time of the month and hopefully start skipping it entirely, especially for my honeymoon. Hoping that the pill will help my acne because it really began to crop up when I went off the pill.
  • My friend Marie is amazing and I am a terrible person; she mailed me a book we had talked about swapping and a letter, and other than opening the package I haven't opened the letter yet. I like saving them for a little bit to have something to look forward to but it makes me weird and I really should read it and write her back.
  • I love having a friend that I write letters to more than I talk to on the phone.
  • I am dying to knit right now, so that's what I'm going to do. Working on a top for myself. Loving it so far.

  1. Touch typing, if you're wondering, is the skill of typing while not looking at your hands, as opposed to hunt-and-peck methoods, or two finger typing or what not. 

  2. Crazy the amount of people who try to talk me out of it, including my last OBGYN. My new one is completely understanding, and is down with me having it and birth control.