Book List 2007

I read. Which should be terribly obvious, since I post about reading every week. And I’m an English Major. So I do love books.I’ve always wanted to keep a list of all the books I read in a year. I knew it was going to be far more than 52 (I hit that goal in April), but I have no idea just how many it’s going to be. Keeping a list right along with me is one of my best friends, and future roommate ME. I can’t get her to update her blog more often, but usually I can harrass her into at least updating her book list. She hit her goal of 52 a full month before I did.I read a lot of different things–and am fond of saying I’ll read anything that’s put in front of me. Which is so terribly true. If you’ve got a book you think I absolutely must read, let me know.

2007: Book List

  1. Jack Spratt Investigates: The Big Over Easy — Jasper Fforde (Fantasy)
  2. Path of Honor — Diana Pharaoh Francis (Fantasy)
  3. Path of Blood — Diana Pharaoh Francis (Fantasy)
  4. To Distraction (A Bastion Club Novel) — Stephanie Laurens (Romance)
  5. Private — Kate Brian (YA Chic Lit)
  6. Harlequin Presents: Pleasured in the Billionare’s Bed – Miranda Lee (Romance)
  7. Hidden Truth — Dawn Cook (Fanstasy)
  8. Forgotten Truth — Dawn Cook (Fantasy)
  9. Harlequin Presents: The Sicilian’s Bought Bride – Carol Marinelli (Romance)
  10. Lost Truth — Dawn Cook (Fantasy)
  11. Harlequin Presents: The Christmas Bride – Penny Jordan (Romance)
  12. Madras on Rainy Days — Samina Ali (Fiction)
  13. Harlequin Presents: The Italian’s Inexperianced Mistress — Lynne Graham (Romance)
  14. The Wasp Factory — Iain Banks (fiction)
  15. Circus of the Damned – Laurell K. Hamilton (Fantasy)
  16. A Knight in Shining Armor – Jude Deveraux (Romance)
  17. Harlequin Presents: The Marriage Possession — Helen Bianchin (Romance)
  18. Uglies — Scott Westerfeld (Young Adult Sci-fi)
  19. Pretties – Scott Westerfeld (Young Adult Sci-fi)
  20. Blinking With Fists — Billy Corgan (Poetry)
  21. Write Great Fiction: Description & Setting – Ron Rozelle (Reference)
  22. Specials — Scott Westerfeld (Young Adult Sci-fi)
  23. Running with Scissors — Augusten Burroughs (Memoir)
  24. The Witch of Blackbird Pond –Elizabeth George Speare (Young Adult, Newbery Award Winner)
  25. A Noble Heart — Sara Blayne (Romance)
  26. Down a Dark Hall – Lois Duncan (Young Adult, Gothic)
  27. The Hand of the Goddess — Tamora Pierce (Young Adult, Sci-fi)
  28. The Woman Who Rides Like A Man — Tamora Pierce (Young Adult, Sci-fi)
  29. Lioness Rampant — Tamora Pierce (Young Adult, Sci-fi)
  30. Dry: A Memoir – Augusten Burroughsn (Memoir)
  31. The Guardian – Nicholas Sparks (Chic Lit)
  32. Lord of Seduction – Paula Quinn (Romance)
  33. Bird by Bird — Anne Lamott (Writing)
  34. The Lunatic Cafe — Laurell K. Hamilton (Fantasy)
  35. Bloody Bones — Laurell K. Hamilton (Fantasy)
  36. A Modest Proposal, and Other Satirical Works — Jonathan Swift (Classic, Essays)
  37. Dubliners — James Joyce (Classic, Fiction)
  38. Good Omens — Terry Prachett & Neil Gaiman (Fantasy)
  39. The Practical Writer: From Inspiration to Publication – Eds. Therese Eiben & Mary Gannon (Reference, essays)
  40. Neverwhere — Neil Gaiman (Fantasy)
  41. Stranger Than Fiction — Chuck Palahniuk (Essays)
  42. Warrior or Wife — Lyn Randal (Romance)
  43. I am Charlotte Simmons — Tom Wolfe (Fiction)
  44. Jenna Starborn — Sharon Shinn (Science Fiction)
  45. The Poisonwood Bible — Barbara Kingsolver (Fiction)
  46. Green Rider — Kristen Britain (Fantasy)
  47. First Rider’s Call — Kristen Britain (Fantasy)
  48. The Vagabond Duchess — Claire Thornton
  49. Dead Until Dark – Charlaine Harris
  50. The Killing Dance – -Laurell K. Hamilton
  51. Burnt Offerings — Laurell K. Hamilton
  52. The Wicked Earl – Margaret McPhee
  53. The Town That Forgot How to Breathe –Kenneth J. Harvey (Gothic Horror)
  54. Harlequin Presents: The Kouvaris Marriage – Diana Hamilton (Romance)
  55. Too Wicked to Tame – Sophie Jordan (Romance)
  56. The Oxford Murders – Guillermo Martinez (Mystery)
  57. When the Loving Stopped — Jessica Steele (out of print) (Romance)
  58. A Taste of Paradise -- Margaret Mayo (out of print)(Romance)
  59. Mistaken for a Mistress – Jaqueline Baird (out of print)(Romance)
  60. No Time for Marriage — Roberta Leigh (out of print)(Romance)
  61. The Trouble with Magic — Madelyn Alt (Mystery)
  62. Twilight — Stephanie Meyer (Young Adult Sci-fi/Fantasy)
  63. The Making of a Poem: A Norton Anthology of Poetic Forms – Mark Strand & Eavan Boland, Eds. (Poetry Reference)
  64. Dark Lover – J.R. Ward (Romance)
  65. The Best American Poetry, 2006 – Billy Collins and David Lehman, eds. (Poetry)
  66. Reading Lolita Tehran: A Memoir in Books — Azar Nafisi (Memoir)
  67. Out of the Blue — Mons Daveson (Out of Print) (Romance)
  68. The Elements of Style — Strunk & White (Reference)
  69. The Christmas Crimes at Puzzle Manor – Simon Brett (Out of Print) (Mystery)
  70. Elegant Barbarian — Catherine Spencer (Out of Print) (Romance)
  71. These High, Green Hills — Jan Karon (Religious Fiction)
  72. Lara — Bertrice Small (Romance)
  73. The Trophy Wife — Ginna Gray (Romance)
  74. Body Heat — Carly Phillips (Romance)
  75. High Plains Bride — Jenna Kernan (Romance)
  76. Digging Up Trouble — Jo Ann Ferguson (Romance)
  77. The Annotated Pride and Predjudice — Jane Austin, Ed. David M. Shapard (Classic)
  78. Stardoc  – S. L. Viehl (Sci-Fi)
  79. Soul Song – Marjorie Liu (Romance)
  80. Labyrinth — Kate Mosse (Fiction)
  81. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Erotic Romance – Alison M. Kent (Reference)
  82. A Short History of Nearly Everything – Bill Bryson (Non-Fiction)
  83. Marked — P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast (YA Paranormal)
  84. Write Great Fiction: Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint — Nancy Kress (Reference)
  85. The Handmaiden’s Necklace – Kat Martin (Romance)
  86. Sweet Sensations — Adrienne Basso (Romance)
  87. Where There’s a Will – Day Leclaire (Romance)
  88. Girls Night – Stef Ann Holm (Romance)
  89. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – J.K. Rowling (YA Fantasy)
  90. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – J.K. Rowling (YA Fantasy)
  91. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban — J.K. Rowling (YA Fantasy)
  92. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire — J.K. Rowling (YA Fantasy)
  93. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix — J.K. Rowling (YA Fantasy)
  94. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince — J.K. Rowling (YA Fantasy)
  95. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows — J.K. Rowling (YA Fantasy)
  96. Lover Eternal – J.R. Ward (Romance)
  97. Lover Awakened — J.R. Ward (Romance)
  98. Rant– Chuck Pahlinuck (Fiction)
  99. The Redemption of Deke Summers — Gayle Wilson (Romance)
  100. The Historian – Elizabeth Kostova (Fiction)
  101. Lord Greville’s Captive – Nicola Cornick (Romance)
  102. Wild Wild West – Charlene Teglia (Erotic Romance)
  103. Beyond Varallan – S.L. Viehl (Sci-Fi)
  104. Wicked 1: Witch & Curse — Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie (YA Paranormal)
  105. Wicked 2: Legacy & Spellbound – Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie (YA Paranormal)
  106. Book of Shadows (Sweep 1) – Cate Tiernan (YA Paranormal)
  107. Endurance – S.L. Viehl (Sci-Fi)
  108. The Coven (Sweep 2) – Cate Tiernan (YA Paranormal)
  109. Blood Witch (Sweep 3) – Cate Tiernan (YA Paranormal)
  110. The Nymph King – Gena Showalter (Romance)
  111. Knight of a Trillion Stars — Dara Joy (Romance)
  112. A Hunger Like No Other -- Kresley Cole (Romance Paranormal)
  113. Tithe – Holly Black (YA Fantasy)
  114. England, England– Julian Barnes (Fiction)
  115. Oliver Twist — Charles Dickens (Classic)
  116. The Heiress Bride — Lynne Graham
  117. Dark Magick (Sweep 4) — Cate Tiernan (YA Paranormal)
  118. Awakening (Sweep 5) — Cate Tiernan (YA Paranormal)
  119. Spellbound — Cate Tiernan (YA Paranormal)
  120. Garden Spells — Sarah Addison Allen (Paranormal Fiction)
  121. Wicked Nights — Nina Bangs (Paranormal Romance)
  122. Betrayed — P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast (YA Paranormal)
  123. Jane Eyre — Charlotte Bronte (Classic)
  124. Beyond Seduction — Stephanie Laurens (Romance)
  125. East Lynne: Adapted from the Novel by Mrs Henry Wood — Lisa Evans (Play)
  126. Once Upon a Seduction — Jamie Sobrato (Harlequin Blaze)
  127. Eye of Heaven — Marjorie M. Liu (Romance)
  128. The Law and the Lady– Wilkie Collins (Classic)
  129. A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of Four — Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Classic)
  130. Fantasy Lover — Sherrilyn Kenyon (Romance)
  131. Seeing Redd — Frank Beddor (YA Fantasy)
  132. The Blanchland Secret– Nicola Cornick (Romance)
  133. Jack Sprat Investigates: The Fourth Bear– Jasper Fforde (Fantasy)
  134. The Dream-Hunter — Sherilyn Kenyon (Romance)
  135. Elemental Magic — Sharon Shinn; Rebecca York; Carol Berg; Jean Johnson (Short Stories)
  136. Daniel Deronda — George Eliot
  137. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot’s Guide to the Land of Knitting — Stephanie Pearl McPhee
  138. The Hound of the Baskervilles — Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Classic)
  139. Hogsfather — Terry Pratchett (Sci-fi)
  140. Agnes Quill: An Anthology of Mystery — Dave Roman; various illustrators. (Graphic Novel)

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