Book List 2013

Every year, I read a lot of books. A lot of people strive to read fifty-two books in a year, or a book a week. I can reach that goal in fourteen weeks. In fact, I did, in 2007. Most of the books I read were for fun. A few were assigned, for the numerous classes I took in my quest for an English Degree.

I have been accused by some people that this is all bragging. Well, sorta, but not really. I don’t keep track of the books I read to make other people feel bad; I keep track to remember all the books I read. Besides, this place is all about my life, and reading is a huge part of it.

2007 is the first year that I really kept track of how many books I read, with rules about what I could read, which really came in handy. I wasn’t allowed to read the same book twice in a year, otherwise it wouldn’t count (which means that had I managed to finish Turn of the Screw both times it was assigned that year, it would have only counted once; I read it at the end of 2006, and thus never made it through again). Also, as long as the book had some kind of organizational scheme, it counted (that means no children’s books along the lines of The Cat and the Hat, although I did read a few to my cousin).

In 2007, along with keeping a list, I attempted to blog weekly about which books I read, which didn’t work out so well, since half the time I forgot to publish them weekly. I’d get five posts published at a time, when I finally found time to get them up. I tried to do it again in 2008 and failed, and then the last few years on GoodReads, though I’m absolutely terrible at remembering to update over there once I’ve actually finished a book. I know that I read more books than those years show because I couldn’t be bothered half the time to enter the books I actually read.

I’m trying again in 2013, five years after I last did, to keep track of all the books I read in a year. You can find the list here, along with links to the review that I posted to go along with the book (if I am that good.)

  1. Scandal’s Bride by Stephanie Laurens (Cynster #3)
  2. Captain Jack’s Woman by Stephanie Laurens (Bastion Club #.5 prequel)
  3. A Rake’s Vow by Stephanie Laurens (Cynster #2)
  4. A Lady of His Own by Stephanie Laurens (Bastion Club #3)
  5. A Gentleman’s Honor by Stephanie Laurens (Bastion Club #2)
  6. A Fine Passion by Stephanie Laurens (Bastion Club #4)
  7. Sweet Surrender by Maya Banks (Sweet #1)
  8. Sweet Persuasion by Maya Banks (Sweet #2)
  9. Sweet Seduction by Maya Banks (Sweet #3)
  10. Sweet Temptation by Maya Banks (Sweet #4)
  11. Sweet Possesion by Maya Banks (Sweet #4)