Never-Asked Questions

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Surfing around blogs, I’ve seen that lots and lots of them have “frequently asked questions” which they answer for their readers. I thought about doing a FAQ, but then I realized that no one ever asks me any questions. But, thinking longer (I had nothing better to do), I realized that there were questions that people should ask, in my opinion.

So, I put together this little Q & A session, asked and answered all on my own, to questions I would want answered if I were visting my blog and didn’t know who I was. And yes, this idea did make it’s debute in my second podcast, where I verbally answered these questions. These answers may be more detailed, maybe they aren’t.

If I think of any more questions, I’ll be adding them here.

Never-Asked Questions

Q: What is up with the lame post titles?

A: Well, I suck at coming up with post titles. A while ago, on the previous incarnation of my blog, I had started using song lyrics as post titles because I was trying to entertain myself. It only worked for a short while, and when I announced I was no longer going to do it, my sister commented and complained, saying that she liked the song lyrics because I pulled out obscure lyrics that made her think of songs that she doesn’t hear on a daily basis anymore.

So, being the good big sister that I am, I keep it up. Unfortunately, I tend to quote from the same five albums over and over, since they are on continuous rotation in iTunes. Fall Out Boy, Relient K, and Dashboard Confessional are the most common around here.

I do feel constrained sometimes, and occasionally it is difficult to find a song lyric that fits the post. Usually then I pick a lyric from the current song playing, and find a way to make it work. Sometime I think about quoting lines of poetry, but I haven’t moved that far. And sometime, I don’t quote lyrics at all. But it’s obvious then, since the title will suck more than ususal.

Q: Why do you not link to anything?

A: Because I’m lazy. No, really, it’s because I think you can do a better job of finding what you want to know on the subject. For example, at the bottom of every post, I list the song title, album, and band the title lyric comes from. Should I be linking to the band? Perhaps. But, then, what would I link to? Amazon so you can buy the album, the band’s website, the band’s MySpace page, or the page where I found the accurate lyric at?

I figure everyone has the Google Toolbar pretty handy, so that if I say something that interests you, you’ll find what you want to know better than if I had directed you somewhere.

I do, however, try to link to specific things: other blog posts I talk about, plugin links, news links, and anything I use as a direct source. And, as always, if I don’t link to something you wanted link, tell me, and I’ll fix it all up right and proper for you wusses.

Q: If you’re an English Major, why do you keep capitalizing the word “you” in the middle of sentences? Don’t you know how to write?

A: I do know how to write. I think. I try really hard with my blog posts to make sure that my spelling and punctuation is correct. So, that capitalized “you” isn’t wrong.

It’s a name.

I have no idea how many blog readers I have. As far as I’m concerned, though, I only really have three. You, my sister, and you (the random reader). “You” is my best friend. Most of the time I am writing to him, or about him. I started refering to him really early on as “You” because I was talking directly to him through my blog.

I continue to do it, because I don’t want to use his name. I don’t use anyone’s name, actually, except for Dustin (my boyfriend), and other online people. You might see my sister’s name floating around occasionally since she used to sign her name to her comments.

In general, I just stick to initials. My sister “K,” my friends “C” and “L,” and classmates, whatever their initials might be. I do this for their privacy, since they have not consented to my writing about them and using their names. Also, because I while I am never appologetic for speaking my mind and saying what I believe, I’m not going to allow my words to cause physical harm to other people. Emotional harm, though, no problems.

If you want a more detailed explanation on this whole “You” privacy issue, check out my second podcast, where I ramble on about this in detail.

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