And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care.


It’s obviously that time of year again.

It’s time to break out all of the Christmas decorations. Time for your living room to be dressed to the nines for no other reason than because it makes you happy. The time of year that you forget in a month you’ll have to undo all of your work and you’ll complain that your house is so boring.

It’s our first Christmas in this house, which means I get to spend random amounts of time and energy1 figuring out how to decorate this place in a way that makes me happy.

The fireplace is a good place to start, and is where the majority of the Christmas focus is.

This is the first time our stockings have ever been hung up “by a chimney with care.” And can I tell you, I want to force everyone to look at those damn stockings.

I made them, all by my self. I made the pattern, I knitted one up, I wrote down what I did and then knit a second matching one.

That alone would qualify as a Christmas miracle in my house.

But three years later, I’m still super stoked with them. I took my time with them, I blocked them out to look amazing, and it’s probably the highest quality knitting work I’ve got to display to other people and impress them with my skills.

The initials are a new addition this year. I was at a complete loss, after I finished the knitting, to figure out how to mark who’s is whos. I thought about embroidering our name. I thought about doing tags that hang from the back.

And then I saw the initial pins at Target, and I thought perfect. I wasn’t sure if the color was going to match the creamy white at the top, but my thought process was that half of the work was done. If they didn’t match well, I had enough yarn to re-wrap them to match.

But it looks amazing off the shelf, and now the stockings are marked so that Santa will put gameboy games in mine, and golf balls in his.

Tomorrow we bring the tree in the house so that Santa can put more gameboy games under it2

  1. Can I tell you how long I thought about that damn garland? I knew I wanted light up, and I looked everywhere for something that fit my imagination. I ended up buying a plain light up garland from Michaels, and then wrapping it with 3 strands of secondary garland (I have no idea what you would call it… it was the pinecones and fake berries and bundles of sticks on twine). It looks fantastic and cost me a little less than I was willing to spend on an already tricked-out light up garland. I think all together it was probably $25-30, depending on how much the light-up garland was on sale for. And now I get to tell people I made it myself too. 

  2. I may have gotten a Gameboy 3DS XL recently as a present for getting a raise, and also so I could tell people to buy me stuff for it. I am addicted. It’s awesome. 

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