A trip down memory lane.

I’ve been going through the ol’ blog archive, and am torn with such conflicting emotions.

  1. It’s really sad to run across something that no longer works/is there. Like running across the first podcast post I did1 and seeing that the podcast isn’t actually there. I depended on Odeo (which was before Twitter) and I don’t even know where I would find a copy of the old one to put back up there. 
  2. I used to write about such mundane things. I wonder when I made the switch to thinking I had to write about big things ore deep thoughts. I used to post about papers I had due and how I was pretty sure I was going to fail math. And rain. I wrote about rain a lot.
  3. I am really sad that I have years of non-blogging between then and now. It’s always nice to go back and look at what was important. And maybe seeing that that yarn that I had to have back in 2006 is still a work in progress sock today. And that a pair of socks that I was almost done with in 2006 were not finished until late 2008, early 3009. Enough that Erik remembers me working on the socks.
  4. I love music. There are so many posts about music. And then of course the two years I used song lyrics for post titles.
  5. Dedicated blog commenters. I feel so bad, like I neglected everyone. Whatever happened to Sachi, who commented almost every day? And Josh, now I just see his status updates on facebook.

I really really need to blog more. And remember that posting about mundane things are what I’m best at.

  1. Hey, it was new, everyone was experimenting with podcasts those days. 

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2 thoughts on “A trip down memory lane.

  1. I know! I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic about past Internet days. It’s definitely changed, for both worse and better. It’s become so hard to keep up with everyone across multiple platforms. Someone should totally develop a dashboard that combines Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr so you can track friends across multiple platforms in a less overwhelming way.

    But anyway. I read your posts, whether or not I comment on them. It’s hard for me to find time to do everything I’d like with work and life. I just need to stop the ADHD part of me when it comes to the Internet. But something I’ve noticed lately is that I’m pretty turned off of commenting now. I think bigger sites that I read have ruined them for me because all I see are dumb people saying dumb things and it makes me angry. I guess it’s different on personal blogs, for the most part.

    Also, we should totally do a podcast. Those things are still cool.

    1. I do the same for you, Josh. :) I find the longer I’ve been on the internet, the less likely I am to comment. I’ve never been a “me too” commenter, and I just can’t be bothered for opinion stuff because I really don’t want to devolve into comment fights.

      We should do a podcast again… I don’t know what we’d talk about, or how I would kick Erik out of the office long enough to do it and not feel stupid with him sitting there. But we’re probably technologically advanced enough these days to make it work a billion times better. Remember One Awesome Podcast?!? That stuff should be resurrected, though then we’d be spreading ourselves thin again. It’s hard enough to bring myself to talk about mundane things again.

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