Starting behind makes it hard to get ahead.

It’s only January, and I already feel like I’m months behind on everything. Between planning the wedding, preparing to buy a house, and being busy enough at work to be exhausted when I get home, I feel like I am barely hanging on to my sanity. I would love to have an evening where I don’t want to take a nap the moment I get home because there is just so much to do.

I know the wise thing to do would be to make lists, to approach everything step by step. And I love lists I love checking things off. Nothing gives me a greater thrill at work than to turn my red flags in Outlook to little exes, and to remove it from whatever folder it’s living in, because once its done I never need to look at it again.

But the wedding and the house have so many steps, and the worst part is that there are steps that I don’t even know. So I let them kinda just float back there, overwhelmed by the continually growing work to-do list that seems to never account for the actual tech tickets I do everyday. I could probably have a week without tickets and never once have empty afternoon.

I am going to try to rescue my evenings, though. Blogging is a start. Tonight I plan on pulling together paperwork that I have been ignoring for ages. I’m going to take that appointment with the loan officer if it kills me.

It won’t kill me. And getting it done is one more thing to cross off the list.

Also on the list? Book reviews or books I read a week ago. You’ll see how that goes shortly.

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