Job search update: not doing so well.

My job search is not going so well.

In the last few days, I’ve responded¬† to 11 Craigslist ads for office assistant/receptionist type jobs in my area. I have only gotten one response back, and that is because it was an autoresponder set for the Independence Day holiday. I’ve applied at Costco, and was supposedly “next on the list” to be hired as per my sister who works at a different warehouse; they’ve since hired which means that I failed the 70+ question ethics test.

Which I would like to say is the stupidest invention ever. My problem with the ethics tests that most places require job applicants to take is the way they score them. I am an inherently honest person. I can’t really help it. It doesn’t occur to me to lie or steal or slack off. So when I answer these tests truthfully and honestly, I tend to fail. Why? Because it comes across as too perfect.

What would I do if I caught a co-working lying, stealing, slacking off, or one of a million other things that they’re not supposed to do? I would deal with it as if I owned the company I work for, and thus would inform the person who needs to know. Also, I hate working with people who do those things, and would prefer they not work with me. So yes. those are honest answers to those questions. However, when you score too perfect, they believe it means you are answering questions as you think they think you should answer (confused? think through it slower, and it becomes clear). But I’m not. I’m really not.

So, no Craigslist responses. I failed a Costco test for being too perfect. No available jobs in my field in Sacramento. And the regular go-to places for job hunting (Monster, et al.) don’t seem to be offering up office assistant positions.

Obviously, I have to keep looking. I do need a job. I’m not picky. I like working, no matter what the work is. There was the perfect job listing this afternoon on Craigslist. It was for a receptionist position in a downtown law firm with a supervisor. I would rock that position, especially since they made it clear there would be someone monitoring/training you (that’s always my biggest fear with these jobs; that it will be a small office and I will be the only one who “knows” that position, and thus would manage to screw something up by doing it wrong).

I really hope I get an email response from them tomorrow. It’s pretty much my dream job at this point.

But tomorrow is another day, and another five applications. I hope I find a job by my birthday.

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